Egypt’s first

GoldHives is designed to solve this lifetime problem for gold lovers who like to buy and sell gold jewelry.. Here we present  huge number of gold sellers in Egypt under one umbrella and  provide our dear customers with huge collections and trendy gold jewelry designs that satisfy all tastes and occasions.

We aim to save our customers time, money and spent efforts to find the perfect jewelry piece for each lady’s taste and occasion . If you are that type of woman who loves gold jewelry and you like to change and add new pieces to your jewelry box every now and then without losing a huge amount of money for the manufacturing fees so, congratulations.. NOW you are in the right place!..

We promise that you will enjoy your jewelry shopping experience with us… We aim also to help you feel that GoldHives is your own jewelry box that you use to change your jewelry pieces from.

Instead of moving between gold shops in very far and crowd places to find the best price and designs, you can just log in to the multi-store and set anything you want from multiple gold brands and shops. It is your ultimate precious choice so you have to take it serious when you are choosing which pieces you deserve to wear and invest your money in too. It privileges you with the ultimate freedom to shop whenever wherever, without wasting much effort and time, moreover, you’ll find it easier to own precious fashionable gold jewellery with less money, and more varieties.


Our mission is to provide the gold jewellery pieces in less manufacturing price than the original manufacturing price at shops, then you will be able to save more money that won’t be back to you if you sold this item oneday .. or to invest more money in getting more gold grams.

GoldHives is a one-stop marketplace where you have enough variety of gold jewellery for the daily or occasionally use, then have them delivered straight to your doorstep which made it a never time-consuming task.

In GoldHives we are welcoming any new/old customer to help her choosing the right piece for her according to her occasion or budge.
Also because we are highly care of our customers choices we provide you with charts for each piece to help you choose the right size for you in one minute.

For the first time in Egypt and this is one of GoldHives potential points that we accept returning any product within 24 hours after delivering it and we refund our customer the “full amount” that she paid after checking the returned item and its receipt from the experts and making sure it’s not used at all and the internal package is safe.

Maybe you want to go for basic or fine jewellery that suits the daily use at work, and then you need to go for classic or luxurious jewellery for a wedding party or usual celebrations or the next day. You won’t feel lost anymore.. FROM NOW ON you will find it’s so easy as if you’re home choosing your favourite jewellery piece from your jewellery box.

About the

Doaa Maamoun is a woman as the most of women she needs to look fashionable and attractive everyday but she lives the daily challenges that women live and she faces the same difficulties in achieving the balance between saving and investing her income and buying accessories (which became so expensive and by the end it’s cheap metals) just to look fashionable everyday at work or for any other occasion and after short time these accessories won’t stay as it was.

When Doaa thought how can she help women generally as they are responsible for a lot these days especially the working women who represents a very wide range in our society.. She thought to help them save money and invest in gold jewellery which suitable for the morning daily usage and give a chic fashionable look too.. She also solved the problem of gold jewellery high prices by providing less manufacturing price than the normal manufacturing price average at jewellery shops.

Doaa is taking helping women to grow and achieve progress in every aspect of their lives as her own life vision.. one of these aspects that she covers is to help them having financial stability and good looking because women are the basic stone of this dynamic world..

( women deserve to grow and glow eveyday)